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Mixing Red Bull with Cannabis: Exploring the Effects of Energy Drinks and Weed

Red Bull

Energy drinks are beverages that are infused with caffeine that provides users with a burst of energy to get through the day. They are preferred options for the typical working person because they can aid with alertness and attention. 

Red Bull has sold more than 11.5 billion cans in 2022 alone. Because of its popularity and the way its high caffeine and added sugar content can change a person’s body and mind, several people are wary of combining energy drinks with other drugs. 

Cannabis use is becoming more and more common, especially as legalization makes it more accessible. Living in Iowa gives you access to cannabis products through state-licensed dispensaries. Do a medical card cedar rapids search to find the best state-licensed dispensary. Red Bull and cannabis are both widely available, which has led to some common concerns regarding the safety of using both drugs at the same time. This blog post will go over the risks and side effects to be aware of, as well as how Red Bull and cannabis interact both singly and collectively. 

What is Red Bull?

There are hundreds of different brands of energy drinks at the movement from which customers can choose. Even so, Red Bull continues to rank among the most successful and well-known manufacturers and distributors of these drinks, and in 2020 they were recognized as one of the most valuable brands in the world. 

Since its establishment in 1987, Red Bull has sold billions of cans all over the world, including flavors that are limited-edition, sugar-free, and calorie-free. 

Red Bull targets younger demographics of college students, adventure seekers, and busy working individuals through its athlete sponsorships and creative advertising, while energy drinks are accessible to anyone with the money and a store stocked to sell them. A lot of these traits are shared by the typical recreational cannabis user. Red Bull and related drinks are higher in caffeine, sugar, taurine, and different B vitamins, all of which help to stimulate the body and give off feelings of increased energy. These components raise blood pressure and heart rate by interacting with the cardiovascular system of the body.  

According to a review of the literature, people who drank these energy drinks reported improvements in their physical endurance, memory, subjective alertness, and reaction time concentration. The primary motivations for consuming beverages such as Red Bull are these effects. However, they might not always have positive effects, as is the case with most body-stimulating products. 

Energy drinks may have side effects on neurological, psychological, gastrointestinal, metabolic, and renal functions, according to research conducted in the same review. They came to the conclusion that until more research verifies the safety and efficacy of these drinks, caution should be exercised when consuming them. 

Another review discovered that jitters, upset stomachs, and insomnia are the most frequent side effects of energy drinks. Long-term consumption of the beverages and their combination with other substances, such as alcohol, can worsen these effects even more. 

Understanding the Risks and Side Effects of Mixing Energy Drinks and Cannabis

Although it is advised that a single person should not consume more than 400 mg of caffeine in a single day, the average person only takes 110 mg. The average customer may not be concerned about having one or two Red Bull drinks because each has approximately 111 mg.

The excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar in multiple drinks can overstimulate some body processes, especially those related to the liver and cardiovascular system. In combination with other substances, such as alcohol, energy drinks have the potential to affect people’s likelihood of participating in risky behaviors. 

However, what about cannabis and energy drinks?

Cannabis can have unfavorable side effects, just like Red Bull. The research on the two substances taken together focuses on the possibility that particular groups of people will use both. There are a few studies on the interactions between cannabis and caffeine, but none specifically on the effects of energy drinks and cannabis. 

In a rat study, the combination of cannabis and caffeine raised dopamine and GABA levels. Increased concentration and alertness may result from higher levels of these chemicals, but excessive amounts may cause mental health problems like mania or hallucinations. 

The impact of the drugs on memory was the subject of another study. Cannabis’s interaction with the hippocampus is known to have an impact on short-term memory. These researchers discovered that caffeine worsened rather than eliminated the effects of cannabis on memory. 

These results offer some insight into the potential effects of cannabis and energy drink combinations on different body systems. Individuals who suffer from anxiety, liver, or cardiovascular diseases should be especially careful when combining the two drugs. 

Are There Any Benefits to Mixing Red Bull and Weed?

It is not as uncommon as you might think to combine caffeine and cannabis, especially given how easily accessible both are. Although the stereotypes of “potheads” or “stoners” support the belief that cannabis users are inherently lethargic and sleepy, regular users report experiencing different effects.

Combining cannabis and caffeine is so popular that it has been dubbed a “hippie speedball” or “Seattle speedball” because of its supposed ability to boost energy and creativity. It is said that this combination offers the benefits of both worlds: the cognitive boost and energy of caffeine combined with the relaxation and enhanced creativity of cannabis. Please take note that these are only anecdotal benefits. Since no research has been done on the subject and since each person is unique, caution should be exercised. 

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Is Mixing Energy Drinks with Weed Safe?

Energy drinks and cannabis consumption together may be safe for the average healthy person without any underlying medical conditions (as long as it is done in moderation). 

Overindulgence in any of these substances, especially energy drinks, can increase blood pressure and cause unfavorable side effects. Before consuming cannabis or caffeine, people with pre-existing medical conditions that make them susceptible to their effects should speak with their physician. 

Precautions to Consider When Mixing Red Bull and Weed

When enjoying cannabis and energy drinks at the same time, keep the following in mind to help ensure a positive experience.

  • Consult a health professional

It might seem pointless, but if you want to do this regularly, you need to be aware of your cannabis or caffeine sensitivity. Certain groups of people may be more vulnerable than others; these include the elderly and those who suffer from anxiety, heart disease, or liver problems. Get in touch with a doctor right away if you have trouble breathing or a racing heartbeat after consuming energy drinks, cannabis, or both. 

  • Be mindful of your dosage

When you take only enough of either drug to get the desired effects, they can both be quite beneficial. On the other hand, abusing one or both of these drugs excessively can have unpleasant side effects.

  • Get comfortable in a safe space

Since the combination of Red Bull and cannabis is more well-known for its stimulating properties, it might be difficult to settle down in one place. But, being somewhere you know and can spend some time in guarantees that you can allow any negative emotions to pass in a safe setting. Being in a welcoming environment will, at minimum, make the experience less stressful and more pleasurable. 

  • Make sure you have extra resources

Make sure you have a goal in place before using cannabis and caffeine to increase activity. Prior to consuming any food, list out the tasks you need to be energized for, whether they are work-related, creative projects, physical activity, or anything else. Additionally, keep water, snacks, and possibly even CBD on hand as these could help lessen the negative effects of THC.